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Looking to expand your reach?
Asia offers HIGHLY competitive prices, friendly people, and flexible options.

are you ready to “go global” and expand from a local business into a multi-national powerhouse? If you are, we are here to help you.

We have talented people in place with professional offices in The Philippines and Thailand that specialize in helping network marketing companies just like yours open their doors for cost effective business throughout Asia.

Why The Philippines?

The Philippines is a tremendous Asian entry point for your company for a variety of reasons. Foremost among them is that the country on the whole is highly interested in network marketing and hungry for networking opportunities, Filipinos are great recruiters and very friendly people.

Additionally, The Philippines has an eager work force that speaks English, and very reasonable production and labor costs.

It is a country comprised of people that are looking for opportunities! Located in close proximity and time zone to Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand and other strong areas of network marketing interest.  Manila is an excellent place for your company to establish a foothold for embracing the promise that Australasia offers.

Your Gateway into Asia

Headed by Managing Director Steve Mommaerts, an avid rugby player from Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA, and living full time in Asia for over 8 years, means we are well positioned to help you make the transition into the Asian market place.

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Each member of our staff is fluent in English and your new Asia representatives are experienced at conducting business all over the “Australasian” region.

Managing Director – Thailand
David Spary


We are experienced with the ins and outs of these countries and quite simply, what works and what does not work in the Network Marketing industry!

Have you considered an…

Test, test, and test again, before committing to your own offices!

Have you considered expanding internationally but did not because you were afraid of the costs and unknown hurdles you know you’ll experience in setting up and running an office in another country?

When doing business with our Asia office, you are engaging the services of a company that is thoroughly familiar with the Australasian region and how to be successful doing business there.  

Because of our local connections, longevity and experience, you enjoy business services at a rate far more cost effective than you might expect.

For less than you can do it yourself!

If you do it yourself, turnkey startup services for getting launched can be costly.  We share our resources with you, and we can deliver you an impressive list of MLM Executive Suite services, for a very low monthly fee.

Should you optionally choose to have us also warehouse and deliver your product on your behalf, as your regional stockist we receive a small percentage on the products that we warehouse and hand deliver to your distributors, on your behalf.

Exactly what services do you offer?  

Our available services include almost everything that you’ll need to get started with minimal risk – and you’ll just add the marketing and the recruiting.

As low as $500 per month!

For as low as just $500 per month our Asia based MLM Executive Suite services will provide your company with a very cost effective opportunity to evaluate the viability of your business model in Asia; you’ll be able to take your company international, either from our offices in Manilla in The Philippines or Bangkok, Thailand, through a minimal risk relationship with our company.

You’ll get to meet networkers currently active in the vibrant Asian network marketing community.  You’ll enjoy the opportunity to dip your toe into this part of the world without taking any overly expensive risks.

When you are ready to stake your claim in the fertile Asian market, when you are ready to taste success on a global scale, when you are ready to stand in front of a room containing dozens of leaders with existing Downlines, when you are ready to have mass exposure… you are ready for global expansion!

To start winning on a global scale today, do not hesitate to contact us.