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In response to the overwhelming occurrences of credit card data theft by hackers, Visa and MasterCard have developed the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard. This standard is also being enforced by American Express, DiscoverCard and JCB. It must be implemented by all merchants and their web hosts, shopping cart vendors and payment service providers. Those who do not face fines of up to $500,000 and the possibility of being barred from accepting credit card payments.

As the largest web site security certification service, ScanAlert was selected by Visa International to be the exclusive provider of Visa-branded PCI / AIS validation services over 70 countries.

We currently operate co-branded PCI compliance programs, through partners such as Visa, PayPal, CyberSource and the U.S. Council of Better Business Bureaus, to manage the enrollment of more than 250,000 merchants and third-party service providers world-wide.

Making PCI Compliance Easier, Faster:

Working directly with Visa and MasterCard ScanAlert has developed a unique, accurate and easy-to-use online PCI Wizard making PCI compliance more affordable and more reliable for merchants of all sizes. This service, available only through ScanAlert and our partners, automates completion of your self-assessment questionnaire (SAQ), automatically initiates quarterly scans for vulnerabilities and generates the necessary PCI compliance reporting. Unlimited telephone and online technical support is also provided.

ScanAlert’s certification of PCI compliance meets the requirements of Visa’s CISP
and AIS, MasterCard’s SDP, American Express’ DSS, DiscoverCard and JCB.

HACKER SAFE Enterprise enables organizations to significantly reduce risk by providing a fully managed, proactive solution to discover and remediate network vulnerabilities on a continuous basis.

Our unmatched breadth of experience in vulnerability detection and remediation, combined with our leadership in vulnerability research, assures the highest level of remote vulnerability detection available. HACKER SAFE Enterprise leverages this expertise in a fully expert-managed implementation. By combining the advanced vulnerability detection accuracy of HACKER SAFE Technology with the hands-on expertise of HACKER SAFE Labs, an unparalleled level of network perimeter security in World-class Security Experts Manage the Protection of Your Information Assets

The key benefit of HACKER SAFE Enterprise is hands-on management by the group of top information security professionals assembled within our HACKER SAFE Labs. The Lab directly oversees the team of security experts assigned to manage all aspects of your daily security scanning and remediation efforts around the clock.

The assigned team begins by conducting a comprehensive, network-wide, base-line vulnerability audit, including manual pen tests and comprehensive documentation. They continue to monitor daily automated scanning activity, manually verifying each vulnerability discovered, ensuring no wasted efforts interpreting false positives. Your window of exposure is further minimized by the teams incisive, expert remediation advice and immediate patch validation. Detailed written security audits and compliance documentation, such as PCI compliance reports, are also provided on a quarterly basis.

HACKER SAFE Enterprise Benefits Overview:
• Expertly managed scanning, notification and remediation activity                                                           
Continuous validation of perimeter security to industry standards
• Assurance of zero false positives
• Assurance of only relevant, actionable information
• Quarterly manual base-line pen tests
• Quarterly compliance documentation

About Hacker Safe

Display of the Hacker Safe logo is certification that your website meets basic industry security standards. It is a way of assuring visitors to your site that you take protection of their personal data seriously.

Beyond giving your site visitors “peace of mind”, the Hacker Safe certification provides you with tremendous benefits as well. According to reports published by Visa, 61% of online shoppers will not purchase off e-commerce sites that cannot demonstrate credit card information provided is being handled in a secure manner.

Additionally, 83% of cardholders who refrain from shopping online do so because they are concerned about the security of e-commerce sites. Being able to certify your site as secure provides you with sales opportunities that you otherwise would not have.

The good news is that becoming Hacker Safe is fast, easy and affordable.

Hacker Becoming Certified:

Obtaining certification is as easy as filling out a simple form, waiting for your si