Website Management

Website Management.  The look, touch and feel of your site are all important things to consider as your work to shape the brand of your company. Establishing a brand is critical to the success of many companies.

Your website is part of your image:
For instance, a roaring lion is synonymous with MGM movie studios and cigarettes are the Marlboro man. These are powerful marketing images recognized around the world.

Recognizing that, MarketPowerPRO gives you what you need to mold the image of your company and effectively establish a brand. Among the numerous features offered are the ability to change the languages available in the site, the currency supported and, very importantly, the skin that appears on the site.

Skins are key to branding and can be changed as little or as often as you want.  Each skin gives your site a different visual appearance.  Have a different skin tailored to your brand for each new season of the year or even for holidays. You can use your own custom skin(s) on the site or choose from library of stock ones.

Beyond skins, you can accomplish many other tasks through the website management suite of tools, including customizing search criteria for reports, organizing trouble tickets by category for delivery to the correct personnel and maintaining important company files.

MarketPowerPRO puts you in total command of how your website is setup and the brand that you want to create.

In the course of the creation of MarketPowerPRO, our team invested significant effort and creativity in the Content Management capabilities of the system.

One of the most crucial aspects of creating a viable business site is your ability to use it as a sales and promotion tool. MarketPowerPRO empowers you to keep your site fresh, exciting and scalable by ensuring that you can update it via a user interface that requires very little technical knowledge.

With our ASP management service, it’s possible to setup so that the look, touch and feel of the site is different for each user group each and every day. For instance, you may want an individual that has not yet enrolled with the company to see a completely different look and option set than the person that just achieved the rank of “Platinum“.

  • Site Design / Skin Management
  • Site Design / Skin Scheduler
  • Search Engine Optimization / META Data
  • Website Settings
  • General Settings
  • Company Policy
  • User Signup Rules
  • SMTP Settings
  • Page Management – Create Unlimited Pages Drag & Drop
  • Menu Management – Create Unlimited Menus Drag & Drop
  • Layout Management – Drag & Drop Content Where You Need It
  • Insert Internal Page Links
  • Insert iFrame/External Content
  • Insert RSS Feeds
  • Countries Allowed/Disallowed
  • Corporate images library
  • Recycle Bin – Restore Deleted / Changed Files, Folders, Images, Content
  • Historical change tracking – revert & restore previous changes
  • Application Error Log
  • Currencies Management
  • Exchange Rate Management
  • Localization / Language Management