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When you see the swoosh, you think Nike. A picture of a cowboy smoking a cigarette? It could only be Marlboro. We are all familiar with visual queues, but branding goes beyond that.

When you hear the voice of James Earl Ray, you likely think of Darth Vader. A snap, crackle, pop will almost invariably conjure up the image of Rice Crispies.  Just like visual branding, there’s also audio branding.

That’s why it’s often important to tie voices and unique audio clips to your multimedia materials – it helps to further establish your brand.

We are intimately familiar with audio branding and the marketing power it can carry. We have worked with voice talent to establish unique audio branding for companies as well as developed sounds that clients can use to identify particular companies and their products.

Contact us today for more information on how we can help take the brand recognition of your company to the next level.