What is the most important word in MLM: money, opportunity, positioning, community or products?

Those are all key considerations, but they are afterthoughts to the word that is most critical to success in network marketing – DUPLICATION. People initially get involved with MLM because of opportunity, positioning, community, products and money, however most will not succeed and become long standing participants in your opportunity unless they are provided a duplicable system that will guide them in their business building efforts. The MLM ethos is dominated by personalities; super recruiters and “heavy hitters” that represent the ideal of what a distributor can be. In reality, super recruiters and heavy hitters are few and far between. While they do exist, they are far fewer than people who represent themselves to be in that category.

Much more common, and the group that will likely comprise the majority of your distributor base, are average, everyday people. There are many more people – your neighbor, grocer, co-worker, etc. – that become involved with MLM on a part time basis. These people may have little to no experience with sales. In fact, your MLM company may be their first introduction to selling.

This group also tends to be loyal to your company so long as they believe in your product or service, are treated fairly and are able to realize a part time (even if modest) income from your opportunity. So, then, how do you keep this group, the ones that represent the majority, working, motivated and with the company?

Set aside for a moment how you would begin working a new opportunity. You have experience with sales and likely have been involved with MLM for a number of years. They are the proverbial “deer in the headlights“, wide eyed with excitement but also scared at the thought of how they will succeed in an arena that is new and foreign to them.

For those without experience, it is critically
important that you provide a duplicable system for them to begin working now while their excitement and enthusiasm is still at a fever pitch. It is your job to be able to quickly show them how to prospect, recruit and sell. To boil it down, you must teach them how to be successful.

Naturally, you cannot personally work with each new distributor that joins the company. What you can do, however, is create a success system that anyone can access and follow.

This system should go over the basics of how to prospect, recruit and sell. In actuality, you want to create a program that requires a new distributor to bring nothing other than enthusiasm and dedication to the table in order to be successful.

This is where becomes overwhelmingly valuable to you. Trainerware is an on-line “eLearning” center. That is, it is an Inter-net based resource for teaching success.

Different courses are always available on the site.

Distributors can visit the site at their convenience in order to learn the insides and outs of the business the right way – your way.

Any of the standard training courses on are available to you.

Additionally, we can craft specialized courses unique to your company. When creating specialized courses, you communicate your vision, ideals, principles and methodologies to us and we transform them into exciting and motivational learning aids for your distributor base.

Customization can be taken one step further by private labelling MLM Institute. Under the private label arrangement, MLM Institute is custom branded to your company’s look, touch and feel. You are even given a URL unique to your company.

Private labelling is a great way to make the product seamlessly fit your corporate image AND become a revenue stream.

That’s right, as a private labelled company, you can resell training courses to your user base and others alike. Train distributors while earning money – a double win!

As distributors complete courses, they not only gain the skills necessary to be successful within your company, but we also provide them with personal recognition. Tests are available at the conclusion of each presentation. If a distributor takes and passes a test, that distributor has a certificate of completion printed for his or herself.

Not only does this give the distributor a sense of pride and achievement, but it also certifies to you that the distributor is ready to be a contributing member of your company.

More importantly, giving distributors the knowledge they need to succeed helps improve your retention rate.
At your choosing, can be custom branded to your company, providing you with an additional resource to bolster the company’s image.

When you realize the power of duplication, you will unlock the door to success. Contact us for more information on this exciting product today.

The eLearning Management System makes developing on-line courses easy! The platform lets any instructor create an on-line classroom that includes tests and quizzes, discussion forums, a course calendar and HTML content.

The Instructor’s Control Panel lets instructors create and modify course content, create exams and quizzes, administer students and their grades and much more.

TrainerWare eLearning System Features:

Easy on-line exams and quizzes:

  • Very powerful exam system.
  • Automatically generates customizable certificates for passing an exam.
  • Easy content editing.
  • Hierarchical outline building tool.
  • Designed to be used by non technical people. No knowledge of HTML or programming needed.
  • Browser based WYSIWYG editing.
  • Built in discussion forums.
  • 100% Browser based.  Platform independent. Works in Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla, FireFox, Opera and Safari.
  • Credit card processing for student registration.
  • Very cost effective.
  • Flexible, customizable.
  • All courses,