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TrainerWare Training.  Today’s businesses are discovering that rapid online communication and training is the way to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage.  TrainerWare empowers clients by providing cutting-edge technology, superior service, and proven solutions.

TrainerWare provides a cost effective, high quality training and educational environment designed to specifically meet the individual development and training needs of your users.  TrainerWare is designed for extreme flexibility, usability, manageability, and scalability.  Administrators, teachers, course authors, and content providers are able to create, maintain and track courses and users using only a Web Browser.

eLearning is the delivery of a learning, training or education program by electronic means.  eLearning involves the use of a computer or electronic device to provide training, educational or learning material.  eLearning is often referred to as Distance Learning or LMS (Learning Management Systems).

eLearning has been with us for years without most of us even knowing it.  Today, distance education and training is being taken to new heights by all the media available, such as audio, video and flash, for administering it.

eLearning has shown its great advantages through its accessibility to businesses, employees, networkers and students, regardless of their place of residence in the world – all that’s required is an internet connection.  Businesses which provide online education involve more and more electronic facilities to give their online employees fast and qualified training at their convenience.

Another advantage of e-learning is its time flexibility.  These days it seems the day is over before even starting and the last thing people want to do is leave their homes to go to attend training seminars or classes – with eLearning people can now learn on their time.

For most companies offering eLearning has been costly and time intensive to setup due to complicated hardware and software requirements.  TrainerWare has eliminated all of the hardware and software costs normally incurred with creating a eLearning solutions.  Our simple online wizard driven solution allows you to point and click your way to creating courses and exams for your employees, distributors and students.

Features of E-Learning:
Learning is self-paced. Employees, Distributors and Students are able to work as fast or slow as they desire.

Learning is self-directed. Employees, Distributors and Students are able to design their curriculum to fit their unique interests, skill levels and career goals.
Around the clock accessibility allows Employees, Distributors and Students to place their learning around their schedule instead of their schedule around learning.

  • Costs associated with travel are “virtually” eliminated.
  • Students costs including tuition are usually less expensive.
  • Provides for lower costs for the providers and corporations that require training.
  • Enhance much needed computer and Internet skills.
  • Is becoming more mainstream every day.
  • Has the attention of every major university in the world, most with their own online degrees, certificates, and individual courses, and is now growing popular with Corporations as well as small-mid size companies
  • Benefits of e-Learning

There are many significant advantages for the student who learns online. Here are just a few to consider:

Convenience and Portability

  • Courses can be completed around Employees, Distributors and Students schedule
  • Employees, Distributors and Students set the pace of their studies
  • Users can study as fast or slow as they desire or your capabilities permit
  • Users can study anywhere they have access to a computer terminal and Internet
  • Course materials can be made available for download

Cost and Selection

  • E-learning does not require physical attendance
  • E-learning provides a large range of courses to choose from


  • Online learning accommodates Employees, Distributors and Students preferences and needs – it’s student-centered
  • Employees, Distributors and Students can skip over material they already know and focus on topics they need to learn

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