Statistics And Reporting

Statistics & Reports

The power of analytic data is at your hand with the multitude of statistics and reporting tools offered. Set up the reports in the wizard and use statistics for both administrative and management purposes.

For administrative needs you have a full application, error and action log analysis to track all system and users activities.

Collect the statistics on site/application usage, distributors’ activities, genealogy, sales, commissions, sign-ups, period summary, etc; choose a report from a set of template-based ones or use a wizard to create a user-specific report in HTML format with the option to further export the data to such formats as .DOC, .XLS and .PDF. Have the reports printed or emailed for analysis and decision making.

The system provides high level of reports and analysis visualization ensuring user-friendly look and feel of the reports and diagrams.

  • Extended set of report templates
  • Financial Reports
  • Site statistics – visitors, hits, referring URL’s, time on site, live on site, by company, by distributor, pages viewed, etc.
  • Define reports by day, month, year, period, cycle, title, etc.
  • Wizard-based report builder
  • Error log
  • Activities log
  • Site statistics analysis mechanism
  • Reports export to .doc
  • Reports export to .xls
  • Reports export to .pdf
  • Reports export to .mdb
  • Reports export to .sql
  • Reports export to Quickbooks, MS Money and other popular accounting systems
  • Reports printing
  • Reports emailing
  • Sales status report
  • Commission status report
  • Reports visualization
  • All reports converted to email and / or PDF