Retainer Program

Retainer Program

Because you aspire to become a top MLM company,  Peter offers you the option to have him on retainer as well.

Running your own company is demanding.  Balancing workload, delegating assignments, following through on completion, arranging engagements, entertaining distributors and the like, places your time at a premium.  When you need answers, you need them today – not tomorrow or the day after.  Momentum is magic in MLM; don’t compromise this by letting it slip through your fingers.

The Corporate Consulting “Retainer Program” is a great way to ensure that you are able to obtain information when you need it.  This program includes on-site consultation and telephone support.

Within the allotted time frame, clients may avail themselves of such services as:
The review and writing of materials, corporate and distributor training, liaison with suppliers, compensation plan advisement and other constructive advice or hands on production that will assist you in building a strong and successful company.

This program is a great way for the entrepreneurial at heart to maintain the control of doing it themselves, while keeping experienced help no more than a phone call away.

Additional Days On Site:
Additional days of on site assistance are the perfect way to smooth out any rough edges and bring your staff up to speed with your plans.  If you need extra help we can extend our visit by as many days as you need to accommodate your immediate needs and in order to better facilitate your success.