Are you a multilevel marketing company? If you are, MasterCard and Visa considers you a “special high-risk”
merchant and obtaining a merchant account for processing credit cards may be more difficult for you than for most other businesses!

Don’t worry, there is help: Card Systems, Inc. has been a banking partner to the MLM industry since 1993. With an impressive portfolio behind them Card Systems, Inc. has built a reputation for establishing merchant accounts for those who are considered “high risk” and unbankable by Visa and Master Card.

Over 85% of Americans carry credit cards

Studies show 75%-80% of your sales will be processed through credit cards and if you are an

Internet based business as much as 97% of your transactions will be through credit cards. To compete in the marketplace you must obtain a credit card merchant account. From a statistical perspective, over 85% of Americans carry credit and/or debit cards; over 50% of those cardholders will shop on the Internet within the next year. Over 250 million people currently have Internet access. Think again about the commerce possibilities this presents. With spending this year alone reaching over two trillion dollars, companies that don’t process credit cards put themselves at a serious financial and competitive disadvantage.

Internet businesses that accept credit cards enjoy other additional benefits. Closing impulse sales is a major benefit to having your merchant

accounts in place, distributor’s “upsell” themselves and purchase 20% to 80% more, and with greater frequency. Recurring billing, “AutoShip” programs, become automated revenue machines that generate sales and collect billings.

Real-time Processing

Real-time processing allows Internet-based MLM Businesses to authorize, process and manage credit card transactions from any computer with an Internet connection. Real-time processing provides the best solution for merchants who tediously enter credit card transactions for Internet, mail or phone order sales, manually. We interface with your web site to let your customers complete transactions, allowing true “real-time”
approvals. Upon receipt of an approval, you are sent an authorization number. This seamless operation allows your customers to purchase your products and services from anywhere in the world. Process all major credit cards, including Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express, with automatic deposit into your existing bank account.

Includes: Address Verification Service, approvals in 3 – 5 seconds, certification on all networks, transactions processed singly or batched, ATM/Debit cards, check verification and guarantee services.

This system is ideal for recurring billing, allowing for daily, weekly or monthly processing without having to reenter the customer’s card number.

In addition to merchant accounts and complimentary services for on-line credit card processing, we also setup companies with the ability to accept checks on-line. Our EFT, or “electronic checking” software as it is often referred to, is

customized to fit the MLM industry’s needs, reducing accounts receivables and increasing cash flow. You can potentially cut billing costs by up to 90% when using an EFT billing system.

Our new Electronic Funds Transfer Software, “EFT” is designed to create, manage and process electronic checking transactions, right from your computer. In addition to executing billings, this system also allows you to pay vendors and distributors electronically. Funds are directly deposited or deducted from your distributors existing checking account.

Make your life easier with EFT by processing sales and commissions directly through your distributors checking or debit account. This system will save your company a bundle.

Studies show that a standard bill or commission check costs your company between $3-$5 to create, print and mail. Multiply this by your current distributor base. If