My Presentation Tools

My presentation tools is an easy to use web based system that allows users to build quick 5 minute flash audio presentations that can be burnt onto a disc and distributed to others to promote their opportunity.

Each presentation can be created using one of the 5 templates built into the system. The user has the ability to edit all the text and add audio to the presentation to give it that extra sizzle that they want.

My Presentation Tools is a yearly subscription product that is affordable for the company and the user.

At $99 US per year this is an affordable alternative to spending thousands to have a flash movie made that can not be easily edited. Signup below for a free trial or enter your username & password to access

My Presentation Tools is a tool that combines the power of Macromedia Flash with the usability of MultiSoft software. With the simple step-by-step wizard, Flash Builder enables you to create impressive Flash presentations in minutes. It’s as easy as 1.2.3.

  • Choose the template to match your company’s look and feel.
  • Customize with your company information, services, products, etc.
  • Order CD BusinessCards or Download for your own use

Project Wizard:
The Project Wizard lets you easily build a fully featured presentation in a matter of minutes. Remember, you’ll always be able to edit your projects to complete or update any information you don’t provide in the wizard.

Project Editing:
The Project Editor lets you edit and maintain your presentations. Unlike regular business cards, you can provide a fair amount of dated information, and order new CD Business Cards as often as you like. You also have the ability to download your presentations for your own uses, such as web sites and sales presentations.

Downloading Projects:
Downloading packages your complete project into one zip file. This zip file contains all the necessary files needed for the web or autorun enabled CD’s. Other software and hardware may be required for web publishing and CD creation.

Uploading Logos:
For best results, upload logos in .png or .jpg format and use 400 width by 300 height (or any 4:3 Pixel Aspect Ratio). You may overlay transparent logos on to graphics.

Projects on CD:
We can create your custom projects for you on ready-to-go CD Business Cards, complete with labels and card sleeves. CD Business Cards are set to autorun on most PC compatible computers. To order CD Business Cards, just select your project and order.

Login Help:
Flash Builder’s secure environment protects your private data with unique User Names and Passwords. If you forget your User Name or Password, just select “Forgot Password,” and we will automatically send this login information to the email address you provided during registration.

System Requirements:
To use My Presentation Tools, we recommend you use the latest version of Internet Explorer or FireFox. You will also need the Macromedia Flash 5.0 plugin, which is usually installed by default by most web browsers. CD BusinessCards will run standalone on most PC’s, without any web browsers or plugins.