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International Application

Simply put, MarketPowerPRO is for companies that want to go global and be successful at it. When creating it, we took extraordinary steps to ensure that it would be a unified product for everyone, from a start-up company to the already established and running enterprise.

MarketPowerPRO is designed to meet the needs of a broad array of companies. It was thoughtfully designed to provide the same level of superlative service whether you have 10 distributors or 10 million distributors. Further, the product supports Direct Sales, Multilevel Marketing, Party Plans and Affiliate plans!

The Value of MarketPowerPRO:
Our team of experienced MLM and IT professionals always subscribe to the “rule of three D’s” when working with our customers” Devise, Develop and Deploy solutions that meet the needs of the unique industry we service. We deliver practical solutions built on many years of industry experience and close relationships with our clients. This approach to service provision is what allows MultiSoft to maintain a competitive edge in the industry year in and year out.

Scalable and Expandable:
Built on Web service standards, MarketPowerPRO connects a broad range of technologies, allowing entrepreneurs to access and use important business data whenever and wherever it is needed.

Moreover, because of the component-based capabilities of XML Web Services, the technology secures the scalability and expandability of the solution. This allows for the incremental development of the solution, allows for future modifications, enhancements and provides easy and fast integration with partners and suppliers while combining data from different systems and subsystems to generate new opportunities.

You Can Grow Internationally:
Today’s Multi-Level-Marketing companies must compete on an ever-expanding global scale.

MarketPowerPRO breaks down all international barriers by providing you with a robust, scalable and dynamic enterprise level application enabling you to compete effectively in the global marketplace.

With the MarketPowerPRO point-n-click tools available online 24x7x365 you are not longer dependent on when a developer or programmer has time to add or update your Internationalization – you are in control all the time. Expanding into a new country? With MarketPowerPRO you can do it in minutes.

  1. Countries Applicability:
    Determine from which countries visitors can access your website and determine if they can purchase products and enroll.
  2. Currencies Management:
    MarketPowerPRO puts you in control of what currencies you want to offer your products and services in.
  3. Exchange Rates:
    Allows you to determine the currency exchange rates for the currencies setup in Currencies Management. Need a “real-time” integration with a live currently exchange rate system? No problem, with MarketPowerPRO we can integrate with most exchange rates in a matter of days, if not hours.
  4. Localization Management:
    Need a new language added to your website? With MarketPowerPRO we can normally add a new language within one day. You are in control of editing all of the content to your specific local languages.
  5. Cultures (Languages)
    On-the-fly you can determine languages from the Localization Management that are to be shown in the country selector on the website. Once you enable all visitors will be able to convert to their language of choice.
  6. Enrollment Tax ID’s:
    Different countries have different income tax reporting requirements, which are changing all the time. With the Enrollment Tax ID system you determine if collecting data for personal or business tax ID’s is required and if so what format of information.

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