MPP Features

Included with Software

Enroll others into a desired spot in the genealogy by selecting the appropriate place from the online view type of genealogy, or Genealogies for dual systems, displayed based on your compensation plan type – Binary, Unilevel, Matrix, Party Plan, etc. See new people “Realtime” in the tree, as they enroll.  Click on Icon in the tree illustration to enroll someone in that exact position.

Gateway Administration:
Manage your payment gateway yourself.  It’s fast and very easy to change, just takes seconds Fiscal Period Administration Add new fiscal periods Delete existing fiscal periods.

Shipping Rate Administration:
Set shipping rates for products based on price range Override your standardized shipping rates on specific products if necessary to make sure you cover your expenses (See Product Admin) Set shipping rates for each country (so you don’t overcharge people close to you with a one size fits all shipping charge).

Commission Processing Administration:
One-click processing, takes half a second Allows multiple processes before posting (test runs, pre-queries, curiosity, etc.

Commission Posting Administration:
One-click processing, takes half a second.

Closes a commission period and commit it to history History stored forever, accessible in reports, commission history and everywhere else it may or will be needed. 

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