MLM Banking Services

MLM Banking Services.  Contrary to popular belief, banks are not in the business of managing money – they are in the business of managing risk. MLM companies are, by default, classified as high risk enterprises by banks.

Even if you have trusted a bank with your personal and business banking for a number of years, it does not mean that your MLM venture will be as warmly received.

We have a wealth of experience in matching MLM companies with banks that are friendly to their business and will not shackle it.

Whether you choose to establish your MLM banking relationships through MultiSoft or elsewhere, be sure that you are partnering with a bank that will not freeze your accounts without reason or warning.

MLM banking horror stories are true. Make sure that you company does not become one.

One of the most important things you need to do when deciding to launch your new network marketing venture is to apply for your merchant account.  As MLM is considered a “high-risk” industry you will need to obtain a “high-risk” merchant account.

Your merchant account provider must be informed that you are a Network Marketing company.  We boast a 95%+ success rate in placing Network Marketing companies with their own “high-risk” merchant account(s).  Complete the No Risk pre-application below and a representative will contact you within 24 hours.

New Merchant Account/Pre-Application.

If there is any information that you do not have available or any question you do not understand, just leave the section blank, a representative will help you obtain the missing information when they process your application.  Please note that this is a preliminary application and that a hard copy of the merchant agreement and application (MPA) must be signed.

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