Merchandise Management

Merchandise Management

  Use our advanced set of options to manage inventory and shipment processes. You have complete control over your product descriptions, images and pricing with the warehousing and shipment tools provided; no need for Web programming knowledge since a wizard will guide you through the entire process of warehouse management. 

Manage product items and set up detailed product item information (including shipping details, number of items available, etc). A picture is worth a thousand words and MarketPowerPRO provides you with the ability to let your product images speak for you. 

Easy image uploads allow your distributors and customers to see the products themselves before buying. Use custom setup of item attributes for even more detailed descriptions. 

Additionally, you can structure products into categories and subcategories for easy sorting and viewing by your distributors and customers.

Product Category and Sub-Category Management:
The extended profile can include shipping and payment details, remaining stock, etc. To improve sales opportunities, all items can be enhanced with pictures and be as specific as possible with categories and an unlimited amount of subcategories. One product can belong to several categories simultaneously as needed.

  • Categories and subcategories can be text or image
  • Assign commission type, value, points, volume, etc. per product
  • New, specials, “who bought this or who bought that
  • Wizard-based Warehouse Management – pick, pack, ship, row, shelf, bin
  • Historical change tracking
  • Extended profiles – FAQs, testimonials, benefits
  • Upload & assign .PDF, audio, video, flash
  • Extended item profile (size, color, shape)
  • Vendor Management – integration with 3rd party vendors, min. on hand, auto-reorder drop-ship
  • Check Live Stock, Out of Stock Management
  • Custom setup of item attributes (height, weight, etc)
  • Multi Package Management (combine products and kits)
  • Adding items from Module Delivery System
  • Payment models setup for product item
  • Define shipment setup for product item
  • Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) management
  • Export Data to accounting, 3rd party, Excel, MS or SQL DB, comma or tabbed
  • E-mail notification to distributors & customers on product offerings in accordance with their profiles
  • With our Inventory Management system, owners can create a detailed profile of every product and service offered by their company.