Chances are that if you have been researching Multilevel Marketing, Direct Sales, Affiliate programs or Party Plans you have come across the name “MarketPowerPRO“. What is MarketPowerPRO and how can MarketPowerPRO help you?

MarketPowerPRO is the preeminent network marketing and business building tool available today, for running and managing your company.

Why MarketPowerPRO?

Have you ever tried searching for “MLM Software” on the Internet? A quick search on Google will return about 2,000,000+ hits! Results from the search will run the gamut from hucksters and rank amateurs, to hype artists that want hundreds of thousands of dollars, to the many propeller heads that are not even in business anymore. You will also find a plethora of information on system requirements, application tiers, server specifications, modeling, compatibility and a host of other alien terms and phrases that further cloud the selection process.

Who should you choose?

  • Which software application will best meet your requirements?
  • What is the system’s capacity to grow with your company?
  • Will the developers understand Network Marketing or are they only trying to sell technology?
  • Will the system not only track genealogies and pay accurate commissions, but will it help motivate and BUILD your distributor base… in other words will the software help you grow your distributor numbers and enhance your company?
  • How stable will the software be?

There are lots of questions, but only ONE real answer…

When it comes to the MLM industry, experience, professionalism, maturity and an understanding of the business are key factors that make the difference between the success or failure of your business. When it comes to selecting MLM software, there is only one choice to seriously consider, MarketPowerPRO.

MultiSoft Corporation was the first to bring real time web-based MLM software to the industry. All of the commercially available Internet based packages on the market today can trace their origin back to the original standards off which MarketPowerPRO was conceived: “operate on the Internet and do it in real time“.

In operation since 1987, MultiSoft thrives on setting the standard by which other network marketing software vendors measure their success. From incubation and consulting, through on-line real-time enterprise software solutions, MultiSoft is a trusted name in the network marketing and direct sales industries. With our many years of experience, you can be absolutely certain that you will receive reliable and proven user friendly software when you choose MultiSoft.


Our staff would be delighted to review your opportunity and provide feedback on how MarketPowerPRO can be effectively used to fulfill your vision and accomplish your goals.

With the MarketPowerPRO system you get everything you need to successfully operate your MLM business at a price that even the most modest of start-ups can afford. More critically, you will have the software in your hands allowing you to start making money quickly. Your MarketPowerPRO system is created on-line after you answer a series of easy to understand configuration questions.

Build your custom system…

Technical Structure:
Your company may not be big – YET – but when we were designing MarketPowerPRO, we did so with the idea that your company will grow to epic proportions. To support exceptionally large companies, the application was built on a multi-tier service oriented architecture using the proven and reliable C#.NET and Microsoft SQL technologies.

The system’s ease of use is made possible by the nature of its design. It is made up of several units that ensure the reliability, scalability and integrity of the entire complex.

ASP System:
Our ASP, or Application Service Provider, model is the backbone of the MarketPowerPRO solution. Its robust architecture and advanced .NET technology are the basis for the reliability, scalability and usability of the entire software complex. Along with the purely technical aspects, our ASP service solves certain business challenges by allowing users to take advantage of a wide array of features.

The main advantage of the ASP service is in its ability to ensure proper management of billing, sites, designs, styles, application types and the like. Another important item that the ASP model

Content Management:
In the course of the creation of MarketPowerPRO, our team invested significant effort and creativity in the Content Management capabilities of the system.

One of the most crucial aspects of creating a viable business site is your ability to use it as a sales and promotion tool. MarketPowerPRO empowers you to keep your site fresh, exciting and saleable by ensuring that you can update it via a user interface that requires very little technical knowledge.

With our ASP management service, it’s possible to setup so that the look, touch and feel of the site is different for each user group each and every day. For instance, you may want an individual that has