Logo Wear Store

Your own “Company Logo Wear Store”.  If you want to sell your own logo emblazoned merchandise, the Logo Products Store is just the thing that you need.

We understand it takes more than software to build your company, it takes creating brand name recognition.  To achieve brand name recognition you will need to get your company name, logo and identity out in the public eye.  One of the time-proven methods to building brand name recognition is by placing your company logo, and tagline, on items such as shirts, hats, mouse pads, coffee mugs, etc.

We have partnered with the industry leader in online printing and promotional materials, to provide you with such a service.  For a small one-time fee we will build you a store that looks professionally designed, utilising your logo, your website design, your name, and your colors.  We will setup all of your categories, products and pricing – all you provide is your logo and your website design (note, if you don’t have a professional logo website we can also provide these services for you for additional one-time fees.

Once we have created your product store you can begin marketing and selling products with your logo, tagline, designs and promote your products on your website, blog or in the Marketplace.  All of your product creation, credit card processing, shipping and customer service will be handled by our partners and you will earn 10% from every sale.

Sell products featuring your logo, your tagline, your designs.