Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation

The “Initial Consultation” includes a full day of face-to-face review and discussion of your project.  As Peter is semi retired, he is available to travel anywhere in the world; the meeting can be held either at your office or at MultiSoft’s office in Florida.

Peter will personally analyze your corporate development plans and product strengths, weaknesses and other areas of importance that should be considered when opening your new Company.

A general idea of the “concept“‘ “style” and “look” of the company is established and used by the graphics arts department when developing custom art and illustration used throughout the project.

Choose this option in order to establish a “comfort level” with us before moving on to a more elaborate package.  We would like you to meet and establish a personal relationship with the team of professionals that are going to make your ideas a reality.

Contact Peter by calling MultiSoft at: +1 239-945-6433