Hacker Safe

What is Hacker Safe?

About Hacker Safe

Display of the Hacker Safe logo is certification that your website meets basic industry security standards. It is a way of assuring visitors to your site that you take protection of their personal data seriously.

Beyond giving your site visitors “peace of mind”, the Hacker Safe certification provides you with tremendous benefits as well. According to reports published by Visa, 61% of online shoppers will not purchase off e-commerce sites that cannot demonstrate credit card information provided is being handled in a secure manner.

Additionally, 83% of cardholders who refrain from shopping online do so because they are concerned about the security of e-commerce sites. Being able to certify your site as secure provides you with sales opportunities that you otherwise would not have.

The good news is that becoming Hacker Safe is fast, easy and affordable.

Becoming Certified:
Obtaining certification is as easy as filling out a simple form, waiting for your site to be scanned and addressing any security concerns, if any, found by the scan. Hacker Safe certification scans are performed by a company named Scan Alert.