Full Content Control

Full Content Management

When building your software through MLM Builder, you will generate a web presence that allows for dynamic update of content on a regular basis.

Content Management is integral to maintaining a fresh look on your site. Why pay a website developer to maintain the content when you can do so yourself through the simple “point and click” tools that the system provides to you?

Routinely providing new content is integral to creating “site stickiness“. Site stickiness is a phrase used to reference how often you will have repeat visitors come to your website. Give them a reason to make return visits by regularly giving them new things to see. Make your site a place users want to visit – not one they simply have to.

Corporate Control Online:
With the system produced by MLM Builder, control over what appears on your site and who gets to view it is 100% within your control. Not only do you have the power to determine what appears for viewing, but the security features also allow you to dictate custom views on per user and per user group bases.

MLM Builder allows you to take control of what users are seeing and doing when they visit your site.

The term “content” refers to the information that is available on a site – whether that information is presented as text, in graphical format, as a PowerPoint presentation, etc.

Maintaining fresh content is important to the longevity of sales based websites. Sales is an “energy business” – not static or stodgy, but rather a dynamic, and when done right, inspiring endeavor. Network marketing sites are catering to “movers and shakers“; this is important to recognize in order to meet the needs of your target market.

MLM Builder helps you meet the market via the Portal. The powerful tools offered within the Portal enable you to regularly change content without the need of having a programmer touch the system. Not only can you keep the content fresh, but the security features enable you to dynamically provide different content on by user and by user group bases.

While content should be exciting and change on a regular basis, navigation should be constant. Navigation represents the steps that users take to reach the tools and content they are looking for.

As an example, you may choose to change your “Distributor of the Week” content each Monday, but the way that users navigate to reach the Distributor of the Week page should remain the same.

Thoughtful navigation will create “customer paths” – established avenues that users not only know to travel down to reach information, but also established avenues that you wish to push them down. Remember, every time someone visits your site, you have the opportunity to make a sale.

Proper use of navigation and content update is essential to the sales process.