Flash Media

As a full-service consulting and design firm, we look forward to meeting and exceeding all of our client’s expectations. For this reason, we have created a specialty design section to handle design above and beyond our regular services. We want to grow with your company, so as your design needs grow, we will be here to help you accomplish your goals. Please be sure to check out our portfolio to view our latest design projects.

Custom Design Services:

 Websites  Flash  Logos  Identity Packages  Packaging/Signage  Collateral  PowerPoint  Brochures  Video  Audio  Banners

Incorporate Flash design as part of our visual integration philosophy to help create a powerful communications tool for our clients. Our approach to Flash is that it should compliment a website, not be the focus. We understand that Flash cannot make a website design strong if the website was designed poorly from the start. What it can do is take a well designed site and elevate the experience by connecting with users in a unique way.

When considering Flash for a particular project, we ask ourselves, and our customers, the following questions:

bulletIs Flash the best solution for the objective?
bulletIs there an element that would be enhanced by movement?
bulletCan Flash enhance the overall usability of this website?
bulletCan Flash elevate the visual sophistication of this website?
bulletWho will be viewing the website?

We understand the power of Flash and how it can create unique visual experiences for the user. We are proponents of Flash when it is used intelligently and appropriately to dynamically enhance a website. flash.

Specialty Services:

Flash Animation,  Illustration,  3d Animation,  3d Object Modeling