FAQ System

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    FAQ System

Are you constantly answering the same questions from distributors and customers over and over again? Are you able to provide 24×7 support when your customers and distributors need it most; often before making a decision to buy your product or service or to join your company?

The Frequently Asked Questions Knowledge Base Management system and automated customer service application is a 24×7 must for your web site, back office or both.

With the FAQ system you control the content on your web site, no more waiting for web designers or administrators to update the web site – anyone who can type can use this system.

Customers, visitors and distributors can submit questions that are automatically routed via e-mail and dashboard login to the appropriate department or individual in your company.

Features include:
• Reduced Support & Overhead Costs
• Increased Customer / Distributor Satisfaction
• Automatic Knowledge base
• Viewing of Top Accessed and Recently Added Questions
• Unlimited Users and Topics Support
• Natural Language Support Search
• RSS Syndication
• Unlimited Entry of Users and Administrators
• Option to Send FAQ / Article by E-mail
• Ability to Add To Favorites
• Customer Comments and Ratings
• Question Submission and Personalized Answers
• Topic Reassignments
• Automatic E-mail Notifications
• Ability to Export Customer Info
• Powerful Word-Like Editor
• Multimedia Content Support
• Internal Notes System
• Question Status
• Spell Checking Support
• Support for Attachments
• Support for Related FAQs
• Automatic FAQ Ranking

The FAQ System knowledge base will act as the first line of support for your customer and distributor inquiries and questions. It will reduce their need for calling or e-mailing your support staff and service desk, thus reducing your support costs while increasing field satisfaction and your sales!

As more questions and articles are added to the FAQ System it will become more effective. When one of your customers or distributors can’t find an answer to their question, they can submit it to your support staff which later can add it to the Knowledge base and ensure that the next customer with a similar question finds an appropriate answer!

The FAQ System is an application that will pay for itself in short order. Its unique self-service and self-support approach makes it the perfect tool for providing answers online to your customers and distributors when they need it most.