Distributor Back Office

Manage Person AutoShips:
Add, Edit and Delete recurring orders, decide when the first order will be processed, the duration and frequency of the recurring order Distributors are able to choose only from those products that the administrator has made available for AutoShip (Product Admin) Admin is able to add new products to the list of those available for your AutoShip program

Sales Activity Report:
Listing of sales activity by personally sponsored for the current and previous commission periods Provides information on the purchases of personally sponsored distributors Viewed for either the current commission period or the  previous commission period Information shown for each personally sponsored include: ID, Name, Phone Number, e-mail Address, Start Date and CV for the period being viewed

Downline Lists:
Displays total Downline numbers (distributors, levels filled) Allows download of whatever portion of Downline you select, into a .csv file (Comma Separated Values), allowing ease of access via any database management program or system Download the e-mail and mailing addresses of all individuals appearing within a user specified number of levels of Downline; distributors and customers can be downloaded separately or in a combined listing Allows for the download of e-mail and mailing addresses of those Distributors and/or Customers that an individual has personally sponsored Genealogy Reports

Post commission run reports break distributors out by level (1st level, 2nd level, etc.), allowing distributors to see just the individuals appearing on any particular level of Downline Allows for targeted marketing to any level of  Downline Allows focused monitoring of any level of Downline Complete Commission History

Searchable by Distributor ID, Fiscal Year, Fiscal Period (commission period) Provides you with detailed information on how each of your commission checks was calculated.

Quick view of whose work in the Downline is paying off Weekly, monthly or both commission history types depending on compensation plan Formatted to report clients compensation results in detail The detail that accounts for earnings in any past period can be viewed on demand Complete Invoice History Search by Invoice Number Search by Invoice Data between any two dates you choose

MarketPowerPRO comes with a variety of reports designed to aid you in the operation of your business and management of your distributor base. From genealogies through sales and commission reports, the items that you need to manage your Downline and track sales and commissions are in place.

Access to your data is important and MarketPowerPRO provides you with the tools and reporting to make mining and analyzing the data easy. All reports are available for viewing directly online or can be printed or exported to a .CSV file.