Comp Plan Primer

Matrix, Unilevel, Binary, Matching Bonuses, Fast Starts, Spilling, Compression – what do these terms mean and how do they all fit together?  Each is a component of the MLM compensation plan, the vehicle by which you will reward your distributors for their sales activity within your company.

Understanding the various compensation plans, bonuses and commissions as well as what each is intended for is integral to your ability to design a plan that will work well for you company and meet its needs.  “The Compensation Plan Primer” is your definitive resource for learning about compensation plans as they relate to MLM.

“The least understood facet of multilevel marketing (MLM) is compensation plans. Copious resources and systems exist for learning the arts of recruiting, selling and management, while compensation plans have remained the great enigma of the industry.
Why are compensation plans such a mystery?  The answer is that they are the one thing unique to MLM that people do not encounter as part of other sales or business relationships. Everyone understands the concept of engaging in work and receiving remuneration in return, however very few people are exposed to the MLM compensation framework prior to joining a MLM company.
Levels, Compression, Generations, Binary, Unilevel, Matrix  these are just a small handful of the terms that a typical person is not accustomed to associating with a paycheck, but which are commonplace in MLM.

What do they all mean? How do they interpret them?

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“What do they all mean? How do you interpret them?
How do they impact your company or a company you are considering joining?

Whether you are new to MLM or a seasoned veteran, The Compensation Plan Primer is a book that you should read and keep nearby for frequent reference. This book takes the multitude of concepts associated with the myriad of different compensation plan types and boils them down into easy to learn and comprehend explanations.

Even better, The Compensation Plan Primer will help you see how all the concepts fit together. If you are formulating a compensation plan for a company, trying to figure out ways to improve your current offering or researching the mechanics of an existing compensation plan, this book is an absolute must read.

Peter has been actively involved in MLM for over a quarter century as a distributor, company owner and service provider. He routinely consults with MLM companies all over the globe and is passionate about his work. John is considered an expert on MLM compensation plans and thoroughly enjoys developing, dissecting and working with them.

Together, they bring a refreshing and holistic approach to taking the mystery out of MLM compensation and its many nuances.

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