Company Management

Company Management

MarketPowerPRO provides you with an unparalleled amount of control over the company settings. For instance, you can change the merchant accounts used within the system, setup newsletters and even alter the company logo on the site with the Company Management functions.

One of the primary design concepts behind the MarketPowerPRO system was to reduce the amount of programming needed to make a change within the software. Because of that underlying principle, the system is largely variable driven.

All the variables within the system, such as the merchant account or shipping settings, can be changed by the administrator as desired.

That gives you the power to manage your company on your schedule instead of someone else’s!

 • Corporate Profile – Global Updates;
 • Variable Replacements – Global Updates;
 • Corporate Genealogy;
 • Credit Card Processing Setup;
 • ACH Processing Setup;
 • Transaction History;
 • Payment History;
 • Shipping Providers (FedEx, UPS, DHL, USPS);
 • Shipping Methods;
 • Shipping Regions;
 • Custom Sign up Settings – Forms / Fields;
 • News Management;
 • Newsletters Management;
 • Seminars Management;
 • Parties Management;
 • Event Management;
 • Corporate Calendar