Auto Ship


Introducing sales volume to your company is critical. The company itself needs sales off which to survive and thrive and distributors need sales in their Downline off which to be paid commissions.

One way to insure a steady revenue stream for the company and a steady amount of volume in the Downline off which to pay commissions is through the use of AutoShip, a standard feature in MarketPowerPRO.

AutoShip allows you to set standing recurring orders for distributors and customers. E.g. a distributor commits to receiving one unit of product or service each month.

The benefits of AutoShip are three fold: 1. the company has reliable monthly income, 2. distributors can use AutoShip orders to meet any minimum sales requirements, and, 3. there is constant volume being pumped into the Downline off which commissions can be paid.

If you want to build a healthy company for the long term, encourage the use of AutoShip.

Billing Management:

  • Billing (Fiscal) Period Management
  • Transaction log
  • Payment by order reporting
  • Order Management
  • Shipping charge calculation
  • Emailing orders
  • Payment history
  • Feature rich AutoShip program
  • Tax Rate Management
  • Recurring Payments Management
  • Pay commissions to multiple currencies
  • Export Data to accounting, 3rd party, Excel, MS or SQL DB, comma or tabbed
  • Import transactions from 3rd party – map transactional data
  • Licensing management for software modules
  • Promo and Affiliate Codes Management

    Shipping Management:

    • Advanced shipping methods
    • Pending Shipment Management
    • Instant shipment charges calculation
    • Integration with USPS
    • Integration with UPS
    • Integration with DHL
    • Integration with FedEx
    • Print detailed invoice
    • Print packing slips
    • Print shipping labels
    • Integration with 3rd party shippers
    • Split shipping methods