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Our team, with hands-on expert guidance from Peter Spary, will provide you with a complete understanding of the multilevel business cycle – not just an isolated segment or one dimensional view of it.

The holistic approach to analysis, planning and problem solving provided by the consulting team will provide you with the results needed to build your success story.

With over two decades of day in and day out experience in the multilevel industry, Peter has uniquely qualified himself to understand the intricacies of MLM from a number of different perspectives.

Peter Spary was the top distributor for two different companies, owner and operator of his own MLM company, President and CEO of MultiSoft Corporation 1987 – 2012, the #1 software company dedicated to the MLM industry, and a consultant to numerous network marketing enterprises.  Peter’s personal experience and perspective as a distributor, owner, administrator, and as an outside observer for hundreds of companies, has provided him with the “know how“, and experience required to help you succeed with your new business venture.

Qualifications and Achievements:
President and CEO of MultiSoft Corporation since 1987.
Top distributor for two Multilevel companies. 
Featured in industry magazines, "Multilevel Marketing News" cover article as "Portrait of a Winner".
Articles and press releases published in MoneyMakersMonthly and other trade journals.
President and CEO of MultiSoft Corporation since 1987.
Published four books: "How To Start Your Own MLM Company", "The Distributor Training Manual", "The Perfect Product and "The Compensation Plan Primer".
Started and successfully built an MLM software company to over three million dollars in annual sales.
The first MLM software company to migrate from DOS to Microsoft Windows.
The first MLM software company to build a real-time genealogy system.
The first MLM software company to build a 100% on-line compensation plan generation wizard.

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